Field Team

 Noor foundation Somalia has appointed Country Manager and opened office in Bosaso the commercial City of Puntland state of Somalia this year 2012. Country Manager is Mr. Abdiaziz Mohamud Abdullahi energetic young educated man who is responsible for managing and coordinated the activities of the organization as  a whole inside Somalia.

We have also appointed a set of highly respected educationalist and organisers who live in Somalia and can manage projects, monitor progress, perform quality control, follow students progress, drive enrolment and general field office duties. They include some of most accomplished educationalist in the country and posses more than 40 years experience  in this field.

Educational board

  1. Mahamed Aynab Mahamud
  2. Abshir Said Farah
  3. Mohamed Ali Waaberi
  4. Prof. Abdiwali Abdirahman Gayre
  5. Mohamed Osman Dheere


USA Noor Foundation board members are:

liibaan abdullahi beeldaaje  – chairman of the board
Abdullaahi maxamed x abees -  vice chairman
abdirashiid abdirahman gayre -  executive director
abdikarim axmed  gurey   –       director of finance
ismaciil mire x siciid           –        board member
fowzi  injineer ciise         –            board member
faadumo m cisman         –            board member
faadumo ali maxmud     –               board member
khadiijo maxamed cisman     –        board member

There are also other field team that have not included in the above list but actively doing a fantastic job for the empowerment of the people in the area.

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